Primary international merchant bank willing to set up a real estate department.

Client’s goals

Investment diversification in the real estate market through the acquisition of a portfolio of assets variously located over the domestic territory.

K2Real’s activity

We supported our client in the following activities:
assessment of the portfolio by an “asset by asset” methodology approach, considering each asset indipendently at the reference date “as is” status, highlighting elements of criticism, warnings and/or potentialities to be taken over time;
in accordance with the terms of bid, which it presumed to be for the whole portfolio, we worked on the definition of a portfolio discount factor, originating from an articulated system of simulation (Montecarlo method)
ultimately, teaming up with the client’s professionals, we proceeded to the identification of the key factors related to the strategic management over a long-term period, according to logics of cencentration/diversification, local and domestic market opportunities, risks and constraints connected to the regulatory process, and elaborated a coherent management business plan